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Partnering with senior executives and/or your teams on a 1-2-1 basis, we take you on a 6 month journey, with regular 1-2-1 coaching that helps you or your team develop as leaders, improves problem-solving, as well as creating greater accountability.

A number of varied workshops that focus on the strategy of your business. They provide a space where we can get together and work with you and your organisation, to either clarify, or create considered and impactful strategies, and come up with the 5 must win battles that your organisation needs to win to succeed.

These strategy workshops are more about commercial goals. Examining the SWOT of the business, the economical environment and technological environments, working out what’s in your control, out of your control, and what you can influence.

The strategy part is essentially mapping the journey to get to these goals.

This is essentially a form of group coaching with your existing teams, examining where there might be conflict, or perhaps things going unsaid. We use team coaching methodologies to go in, work with them and really increase their performance.

A three phase program that will develop your leadership acumen. Firstly, we focus on creating greater self-awareness, a key resource when it comes to great leadership.

Next, we look at relationship-building, and explore how you want to show up in relationships with your teams and colleagues, as well as how to best leverage those relationships.

Finally, we delve into the impact that you want to make not just within your organisation, but in your wider world and communities too.

Our founder Damian is crazy passionate about implementing the learnings from his coaching & leadership journey, and more specifically his time in sales, into finance business partnering. This program is what we learnt in sales that we had wished we had known when we were FD’s.

The program is delivered not by trainers, but by ex FD’s who have gained the real experience relevant outside of finance, and are amazing facilitators.

“When I came across this program at The Finance Business Partner I was blown away and a bit gutted. If only I had had this opportunity 20 years prior - my career in finance would have been completely different.

It took me decades of experience and a huge amount of leadership training to get what is essentially simple - effective finance business partnering is leadership.

Relationships first, and then creating insight, and bringing numbers to life. If you want your finance to not be seen as dicks, and have massive influence that supports real commercial performance you need them to do this program.”

If you are a scaling business who needs a CFO who has had experience of scaling finance functions, achieving significant funding and taking companies to IPO, but frankly bootstrapping or series A means you cant afford it, this is your way in. You can lease one of our fractional CFO’s for the minimum required time, to get the calibre you need without the fixed cost.

It is more than vision, product development, brand positioning, PR, sales, demand generation and pipeline development. It is all of these...

Start up: Kick start your customer acquistion, get revenue flowing and retain it.

Scale: Pushing for increased revenues or reach by optimizing you GTM.

Optimize: Increasing conversion rates, attracting larger clients directly.

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