Your people are 1.5X more likely to apply a newly learned skill with 1-2-1 coaching

We’re aware not everyone sat reading this will be aware of exactly what we mean when we talk about coaching.

It’s pretty simple.

At its most basic level, we’re partnering with someone, to figure out what they want to change, what opportunities there are to do so, what challenges they’ll need to overcome and in which priority order, and perhaps most importantly, working together to help our clients hold themselves accountable around this work.

We work on highlighting the areas that we see, that give the opportunities for greatest impact, and we work on overcoming stuck perspectives, stuck emotions, and clarity on whats really important. Data shows that participants in training are 1.5X more likely to implement learnings, and that there is a 788% ROI.

Our clients have reported life changing shifts in self-awareness, leadership perspective and productivity, revenues and motivation and dozens more that cascade throughout the business.

Coaching really can completely transform who you are, and the way you think about and approach your life. Whether that’s as a business leader, an employee, or simply as a human being, coaching is a powerful process that not only identifies a desire to change, and the steps for achieving that change, it also holds the coachees accountable.

We never grow tired of hearing people share how it’s changed their life. To see someone completely shifting their perspectives on things, to see people realise what’s truly possible for them, and then actually doing it, is a beautiful process to be part of. 

A good coach will help you identify the areas where you need to improve the most, develop strategies for becoming more effective in your role, and above all hold you accountable for these changes.


ROI with a solid coaching culture implemented

One of the biggest challenges as a leader is managing your time and energy in a way that’s effective and efficient. A coach can help you prioritize your time and focus your energy on the most critical tasks. As a result, you’ll get more done in less time and have more energy for the things that matter most.

In business trust is key. Coaching can build trust between you and your team. 

In establishing values and an organisational purpose that everyone can get behind, your team will have a greater level of trust in your leadership and the direction you’re heading together, as well as increased vulnerability trust, enabling them to ask for help or support. 

Coaching boosts productivity by


Leading can be stressful, and it’s not always easy to deal with challenges. A coach can help you better deal with stress and handle difficult situations, arming you with various tools and resources. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to cope with whatever challenges come your way.

Building autonomy and leadership within your team can be a challenge. Yet it’s important as you don’t want to get pulled into the details and minutiae of each and every project.

Working with a coach and going through the thryvving Cultures process will positively impact your team’s leadership skills. They’ll be armed with new tools that will unlock their willingness to go beyond.

Coaching is not a fad.
It's now becoming the norm!
Google searches for ‘Coach’ are up by


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